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Juan Sebastian

Hi guys, Im Sebastian from Bogota, Colombia, im trying to onstep a EXOS Nano with a Fysetc s6 v2.0 build following the minimal build published by Khalid ( https://youtu.be/AhEA3TjKxpM )
Im totally new on this, first time on everything steppers, boards, arduino, all im doing this with 0 previous knowledge, and i did it, Thanks everyone for your awesome help

This is what im using:

  • FYSETC S6 V2.0 Board -> LINK
  • x2 TMC2130 v1.1 -> LINK
  • x2 STEPPERONLINE 0.9deg Nema 17 Stepper Motor Bipolar 0.9A 36Ncm/50oz.in 42x42x39mm 4-wires -> LINK
  • ESP8266 D1 MINI V3.0.0 -> LINK

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