Re: Adding OnStep to a Cave Model A mount

John Petterson

So reducing the slew rate will likely get you to a point where it will work, but first try putting a scope on the mount and balancing it well, and see how that works.  All bets are off with a GEM that is not balanced.

You can reduce the slew speed  for go tos- With the SHC menus, Settings - Configuration - Goto Speed.  With the Wifi  or Ethernet  browser use Settings - Maximum Slew Speed.

You can also set the speed of your push button movements (guide rate) to higher levels to see when those stall - on the SHC, the two bottom buttons change that speed faster (the right button) and slower (the left button), and on teh browser there are buttons at the bottom of the screen that has the directional arrows..

When you get a chance, let us know what model motors you are using.  And good luck with the finals...

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