Re: Problem with SHC

Ken Hunter

From the CNC3 WIKI instructions...

ST4 interface:This is enabled by setting ST4_INTERFACE  ON in the configuration file.  If the ST4_HAND_CONTROL ON option is used additional capabilities become available, read the configuration file for more information.  The order of most pins match those of the RJ12 jack they should be connected to (search eBay for "RJ12 breakout"):

Pin 1: +5v or NC
Pin 2: Gnd
Pin 3: RA- (I34)
Pin 4: Dec- (IO18)
Pin 5: Dec+ (IO4)
Pin 6: RA+ (I35)

Note: you MUST add 2k pull-up (to 3.3V) resistors to each ST4 line (RA-, Dec-, Dec+, RA+.)  You can how one user added the pull-up resistors here.


This is after removing the resistor because the ESP32 is NOT a 5 volt device...

Could the "Borderline" operation be due to this?

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