Re: Blue Pill Upgrade: RobotDyn F303CC

George Cushing

So, $10.50 plus VAT, shipping and the cost of the original board. Pretty soon you could buy a Teensy. Or half a dozen ESP32s. I don't think I'll be rushing to buy any ST32 boards in a hurry.

I have 30 of Roman Hujer's ESP R3-Shields that I will be selling assembled and tested for $25 without the RTC and Wifi and $32.50 with. The shield replaces the CNC 3 Roman rerouted the pin assignments to get more functions out of the board. It supports goto, guiding, RTC, WiFi, BT, SHC, PEC, and your choice of OneWire, buzzer, reticle port Or status or 2 on Aux 8.


Only one power supply/connection is needed and I believe it supports TMC drivers. The advantage of the STM32 was it's low cost and good feature support. As it pushes toward $45 to build one the ESP3 R3/Hujer PBC becomes an attractive replacement and it is easy enough to build that I hopefully can keep up with demand. I regretted having to turn away folk who wanted to do OnStep but didn't feel that they could. 

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