Bunch of problems on first run of telescope #esp32 #5160 #esp32 #dob


Alright, so I have the circuitry and 3D printing all figured out and working now! (I think...)

I have a Zhumell Z8 Dobsonian that I attached 100:1 stepper motors that have a pulley that has an 8:1 ratio, so 800:1 in total. I am running a MaxESP3 board with the beta OnStep.

Here's the list of things that I can't figure out if anyone could help me:

The TMC5160 drivers I am using are in silent mode, but are still very loud. I linked my config file below if that helps.

I am using the OnStep Android app to control it over bluetooth, and when I try to align the telescope with a star, I get a "align failed" message.
Also, when I use the app to slew it is very slow even when I change the speed to 40x in the app.
The telescope works fine in SkySafari though, so IDK what is up with that. 

Also, there is a little bit of slop in the azimuth axis, and I would like to know how much slop is bad and how much is okay with OnStep. I don't intend to use it for photography, but for being able to track objects at high magnification for visual use.

Thanks for any help!

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