Occasional error in guide speed - massive overcorrections


Hi All -

Ive searched on this topic a few times in the past, but not really getting any hits.  Please excuse me if this has already been covered, and I simply missed it.

I'm experiencing a strange issue on very rare occasions, and I cannot seem to find a pattern that causes this to happen.  I'll be all set up, and happily image my first target for the night using APT, PHD2 and Device Hub with the ASCOM driver. I'll finish my first run of subs, do a goto to the next target, and star guiding.  As soon as PHD2 issues the first small correction, the mount makes a MASSIVE correction, as if its guiding at full slew speed.   Ive attempted manually guiding at .5x, Ive attempted disconnecting the mount and issuing the :R1# command through Arduino Serial Monitor.  Ive disconnected and reconnected each program.  Nothing seems to help until I reboot the laptop, and power cycle the mount, starting from the home position.    This is really no big deal to do on occasion, since my telescope is just a few feet from my back door.  But how do people with remote observatories handle this?   BTW, I've experienced this same behavior with multiple onstep mounts, and different laptops, so I don't believe its isolated to my specific build, unless something was copied between the two.

Has anyone else experienced this?  Is there a common cause?  Any suggestions on how I can help narrow down the suspected software glitch?


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