Home sensors


I have converted iOptron ieq45 HC8406.It's works very well. I used MAX ESP v3, wifi adeon , SHC, 400 stepper motors and 16:40 belt GT2 gears.
I made this for planed remote observatory.  Now I am trying with home sensors. I have glued magnetics straps and two hall sensors. I have one question.
How to channge code (beta) that before first goto mount first go home ?.  If I loose power during session I have manualy order mount to go home, then goto to object. If i goto to obejct without go home before, mount "think" is already at home and go to wrong position.   I can make automatic plate solve before goto but with wrong coordinates its dificult. Maybe I misunderstoodhome how to use home sensors ?.  Going to home position with sensors is working very well. Mount slow down and precisly point at home.
p.s. Sorry for my bad English

short test photo M3 (without calibration, L only, 20 x 1 min). RMS for two axis about 0.8" I had very similar result before conversion, but mount now has more features and no terrible iOptron bugs in firmware

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