Re: Home sensors

Mark Christensen


First, if you lose power all bets are off unless you have set HOME as the PARK position.

If the Park position is set to be HOME then It is possible that after a power failure (which means the mount is in an unknown orientation) you can turn the mount back on and then explicitly command HOME and then UNPARK. If the EEPROM that contains the alignment data and park position (set using Set Park) is scrambled for some reason this won't work. But if the EEPROM data is good it should work.

Why would you want it to automatically home after power up? If the mount was Parked, then just UnPark. That would keep all your alignment data intact.

Finally, to reduce the risk of this happening, power the system of an UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply). They also function as lightening and surge protectors.
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Mark Christensen

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