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By saying 'no issues' I meant that there were no discernable differences between the way the new and old code performed, not that there might not be room for improvement in the way they did things in common.

For example, the difficulty of entering large numbers such as hours:minutes:seconds as one number by scrolling up and down could eventually be addressed by doing each element separately... entering the triple starts by scrolling just the hours portion, accepting that goes to scrolling the minutes then accepting that goes to scrolling the seconds. With this, the scroll rate while in the individual elements could be much lower and therefore have less problem with overshooting.

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I finally got the SHC loaded.  Here are a few of the things I found.  If the WEMOS wifi is not connecting, it inhibits the SHC to controller communications.  I would plug in the WEMOS (before I got this to connect), and the SHC would fail the comm link.  When I pulled the WEMOS out, it worked fine.  When I finally got the WEMOS working (the new SWS code & baud rate change), the SHC connected fine.

Working the SHC:
  • The scroll rates when entering numbers are pretty fast.  The rates also change rather quickly.  It's easy to overshoot your mark and difficult to get within a minute of desired time.  Setting of coordinates (in goto) has the same issue.
  • When entering local time, what ever number you put in, is modified when you say "yes" to the DST.  If you put in 1400hrs, and then say "yes" to DST, the number recorded would be 1300hrs.  So you need to add 1hr to local, then say yes to DST and the time will be correct. But don't do it twice (see below)!  A little confusing if you don't know what is going on.
  • When repeating the process, the previous time entry is correct (that is after the DST modifies it, e.g. enter 9hrs, hit DST, 8hrs is recorded), but DST returns to the default value of "no". Change it to "yes", and now your recorded time goes to 7hrs. You think you are correcting the DST setting, but it actually subtracts 1hr each pass through.
  • When trying to slew below the horizon, it just stops and no warning is given.  When looking at RA & DEC, you end up scratching your head.
  • When I power off and back on, the SHC does not remember the time.
  • Selecting sites.  I can pick a site, but not clear how to program it or change the name

Note that I have hard coded the WEMOS and the controller to 57600 baud (per a comment in the wiki).  It did not seem to be able get beyond the handshaking mode.  I will cover this in another topic on my WEMOS issues, but I note it here in case there is an interaction.


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