WEMOS Module

Robert Benward

After setting the serial port to default 57600 ( a suggestion in the wiki) in both the ESP32 and the WEMOS, I finally got it working, to a point.  I turn on the controller, the blue light goes steady, the SHC is working, The RTC seems to be working,  I just can't access the web page.   All three of my devices, phone, ipad, laptop, can log onto the Onstep wifi (very strong signal), but none of them can bring up the web page, or  The phone eventually dumps the Onstep and goes back to the house Wifi.  Bluetooth and the app is fine on my phone, but my ipad does not see the Onstep in bluetooth. 

I am using the SWS software Howard pointed to, default serial baud rate is 57600 on both the ESP32 and the WEMOS.  Any suggestions?


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