Re: Occasional error in guide speed - massive overcorrections

Howard Dutton

On Thu, May 27, 2021 at 11:32 AM, GuitsBoy wrote:
I was under the assumption that any guide speed was retained, be it .25x .5x or 1x.   I use .5x for guiding, but its quite possible that somethings was slewing at 1x.   However, the PHD over-corrections appear to be guiding at something like 4x or 8x, while the calibration was expecting 0.5x.  It does not appear to simply be double.  But I'll certainly keep this in mind.  Thanks.
I agree this seems like a bug.  Not sure if I want to fix it or not, for fear of breaking something in release-4.24 but the following is likely to be a low risk fix (untested.)

In the file Guide.ino add the following line just before enableGuideRate(guideRate); near lines 184 and 200.

if (pulseGuide) { guideTimerCustomRateAxis1=0.0; guideTimerCustomRateAxis2=0.0; activeGuideRate=-1; }

Let me know once you've checked it out.

For some background this is similar to the known issue with guide rates being wrong after spiral searches.  Easier to fix though, I think.

OnStepX has a guide subsystem design that should effectively address these annoying behaviors with custom guide rates (by virtue of its design.)

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