Wemos R32 CNCV3 controller test issues #wemos


Those who have been following my build will know that I somehow managed to fry one wemos d1 R32 board because I gave 12V to it directly (though it has a Buck converter and V regulator). This time, upon advice from a friend of mine as well as Oddvar who recently completed his build, I powered the wemos using ONLY the USB cable which doubled up for comms, and powered the motors through the CNCV3 shield using the 12V SMPS.
However, one thing I noticed is the sound at the beginning, mid point (while crossing meridian i think) and end of the slew as if a large, heavy truck is slowing down. I am not sure if thats ok. I also know the its pointing in the wrong direction too. Motors are reversed maybe? Anyone who has an idea, i'll be happy to take advice from.
The video of the Test is HERE

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