Re: WEMOS Module

Dave Schwartz

On 2021-05-28 2:43 p.m., Robert Benward via wrote:
I'm back in town and ready to play again.  I spent last night and this morning trying to program the WEMOS.

* The Onstep AP mode works fine, I can log onto it from my ipad and
phone and both show the web interface (laptop still has manual
config issues).  The Telescope controls respond.
* Using the network settings dialog in the web access, I can't seem
to change anything.  I tried simple stuff like just changing the
channel.  I can only make changes when I upload new code.  FLASH
erase & NV wipe each time.
How long are you waiting between when you upload changes on the web server network page until you cycle the power? There is a time delay between when you upload and when the data is actually written to NV memory.

* My second wemos programs fine, but I plug it in and it is dead.  I
am returning it and ordering a new one.
* I can't seem to get the station mode to work.  If it fails to
connect to my house network it jumps back to AP mode. Tried DHCP
both disable and enabled.
* Not related, but the Time does not seem to hold.  Lat & Lon is
fine.  LOCAL time seems to return to 00:00 on boot.  In the web
app, UTC is 5hrs. Hitting the 'clock' icon on the control page
updates the clock to that of the ipad.
What are you thinking is the LOCAL time? There actually is no local time displayed on any web server page.

Is the holding of time a function of the RTC?  Is there anyway to check that independently?
 The rest of the Onstep seems OK.  I can do a 'goto' and the RA & DEC in the SHC responds as it should.

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