OnStep with Sky Safari #backlash #maxesp3


Hi, so I have had a few nights under my belt with my finished goto dobsonian, which uses belt drives and planetary gearboxes. I have been using a 4-star alignment with a 200x magnification, and have done my best to follow the directions for tuning backlash. The problem, which I don't know if it is fixable or how it works, but when I goto an object, it shows up somewhere in the 8x finderscope, but I always have to recenter it and then sync the scope. This is when using the OnStep app or SkySafari. 

I was wondering if SkySafari is able to use the backlash settings and the 4-star alignment that I did in the OnStep app?

Also, how do I tell if backlash is functioning or how to adjust it?

The best way I've found to get accurate results is to use SkySafari to goto a bright nearby star to my target and sync there and then goto the target. This seems to work in order to get the object in the view of the eyepiece even at 200x

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