Re: How to align Alt Az mounts, an Issue on the Wiki regarding aligning Alt-Az mounts

Howard Dutton

Yes corrects for the alt/az mount not being level but for go-to only, not tracking.  Next version OnStepX was designed so that the pointing model applies to tracking as well as go-to.  That is still a ways off though.

On Mon, May 31, 2021, 3:50 PM Oscar Lithgow <oalithgow@...> wrote:
Following this topic about Alt-Az alignment. I got a few quiestion regarding on how onstep makes the caclulations for alidnment on this mode,
-How critical is the LEVELING of the mount for alt-az mode?
-Does Onstep corrects any errors in the leveling of the mount by doing the 3+ star alignment? 

I havent been able to test the diference for (pointing and tracking accuarcy) betwen a well leveled mount and a poorly or unleveled mount, after doing an alignment of 3 or more stars.

Has anyone tested this? 

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