Re: OnStep with Sky Safari #backlash #maxesp3


Hi Mike, 
Yes, the main issue with backlash seems to be on the altitude axis. I probably will move it to a closer location at some point, but I have 3 different opportunities for campouts to dark sky sites in the next weeks, so I wouldn't have the time to redesign until after that, I think.

My backlash settings are RA: 340 and Dec: 2100.

In daylight, point the scope to something far away.

Use the E button to center the object, then reverse the direction using the W button.
See how responsive they are? Does the view 'jump', or 'lag'?
If it does then you have too much compensation, or too little.

Then set the values to zero. If you have backlash, you will certainly see lag when you reverse the direction.

Khalid, thanks for the tip. I also just made a basic hand controller to eliminate any lag from the app in my backlash calibration. When I slew the telescope, it lags behind, moving very slowly for a couple seconds and then goes at the set speed. This is most apparent when I am using VFast slew speed, and most apparent on the altitude axis, which has significantly higher backlash settings. 
So I'm just not quite sure what you mean by lag, because with backlash not at zero, it seems to lag even more. I'll keep trying things and report back if I find any more info. 

The inaccuracy of the GOTOs after a 200magnification 4-star alignment doesn't seem to be in any axis in particular, so I think that means that it isn't related to how the backlash is tuned? I don't know what kind of accuracy to expect in those regards. Typically, it is always in the view of the finderscope at least. Is there any way I can increase this accuracy?

Also, the main concern I have with the backlash is that it doesn't immediately hold the object in view when tracking until it picks up the tension. Is this directly effected by the backlash settings?

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