Re: Fans & Leds #fysetc #S6

Juan Sebastian

12v fan direct to the others pins works, but im unable to make the 5v fan work with the features, this is on my config i tried both fan0pin and fan1pin, switch and analog, but nothing happens

#define FEATURE_LIST_DS               OFF //    OFF, temporarily set ON to list ds18b20 and ds2413 device serial numbers.     Adjust
#define FEATURE1_NAME          "FAN1" // "FE..", Name of feature being controlled.                                        Adjust
#define FEATURE1_PURPOSE              SWITCH //    OFF, SWITCH, ANALOG_OUT, DEW_HEATER, INTERVALOMETER.                          Option
#define FEATURE1_TEMP                 OFF //    OFF, DS1820, n. Where n is the ds18b20 s/n for DEW_HEATER temperature.        Adjust
#define FEATURE1_PIN                  Fan1Pin //    OFF, AUX, DS2413, n. Where n is ds2413 s/n (gpio0) or n=0 to 255 (pin#.)      Adjust
#define FEATURE1_DEFAULT_VALUE        OFF //    OFF, ON, n. Where n=0..255 for ANALOG_OUT purpose.                            Adjust

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