My Skywatcher 150p on an EQ3-2 mount and OnStep STM32 Bluepill #EQ3



i want to say thank you for this great community, software and support. I learned much due this project and teaches me to go "OnStep" by step ;-) There is still some fine-tuning to do, but the weather is currently very cloudy.

I converted a Skywatcher EQ3-2 Mount and created some own and some modified 3D Printer files to fit my requirements. 

My Setup:
Skywatcher 150p telescope
Skywatcher EQ3-2 mount (aluminium tripod with some modifications to improve stability and prevent shaking)

2x Nema 17 / 200Steps
R.A. is using 20:60 Pulleys (160mm belt)
DEC is using 20:40 Pulleys (146mm belt)
TMC2130 with microstepping: 64 (GOTO 16)
STM32 on STM32 BluePill PCB (Wifi and Bluetooth) (soldered on a minimal setup)
Case bought on amazon:
Old Nexus 5x as Hand Controller for initial setup after alignment. (Bluetooth)
12v battery pack 4.500mAh (place on the tripod middle shelf, to improve stability) 
My iPhone for Skysafari

Printed parts:
RA and DEC motor mount
Brachet which is attached to the OnStep case (to attach the case with velcro)
Phone mount (with plotted "OnStep" Sticker)
Polar Alignment scope illuminator (from thingiverse)

My created/modified files attached.
Link to polar finder illuminator:

Thank you for all the support and the love which you are giving to this project. You rock!

Have a nice day and clear skies! 


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