moderated Re: Ramps 1.4 and stellarium not working

Mike Ahner

On Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 05:20 PM, <clambert24@...> wrote:
So I got my ramps 1.4 connected to my arduino mega 2560 all connected to mh raspberry pi running stellarium. Trying to configure and get it talking and my telescope isn't moving.
I can't speak for anything to do with Raspbery Pi or Stellarium, but I wonder if you've tested this OnStep controller without the Pi? You don't mention if this is a new build or if you're just adding the Pi & Stellarium but your controller has to work standalone first.

Also, I'm not sure if OnStep will move the telescope until Tracking is enabled. Default power up is tracking off. That may have changed for some operations, but not sure.

There a few ways to start tracking:
1) Begin an alignment process, this turns tracking on.
2) Turn tracking on via the Wifi Webserver or the Android app.
3) Set tracking to start at power up in the Config.h file, but that's not recommended for normal use.

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