Re: Smart Hand Controller Old and New version Questions #esp32


Mine works fine just like you describe wrt the button controls.

In the config file you say you sre setting the default intensity.  Are you setting a number?  Have you tried to simply set it to ON?

On Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 10:21 PM, Ken Hunter
<kb7hunter@...> wrote:
>>>>The problem with the ESP32 SHC is that the current pcb listed (V1.03) does not include either the utility light or the reset for 2.42 displays.  You are either forced to run jumper wires or...

I am in need of some guidance here... I believe that the "Utility Light" is mounted on the SHC case and should be connected from +3.3 volts, through a  470 ohm resistor and LED to GPIO pin 13 which supplies a PWM Ground to complete the circuit. I have connected the components in this fashion, enabled the Utility light in the SHC Config.h file and flashed the ESP32 with no problems. The LED is hooked correctly and glows brightly. 

I can double click the H button, drop down to the Utility Light menu selection and select that with the "W" button. but I can not vary the intensity of the LED with the 2 F & f buttons.  BTW these buttons respond correctly when used for Guiding rate changes.

With an O'scope attached to GPIO 13, I see the signal as I think it should be (Pulses going Negative at a 5KHZ rate) but no movement of the PWM width corresponding to the F & f buttons. Strangely, it seems that when I change the Config.h file for a different default brightness and reflash, the width of the negative (% duty cycle) changes on the next startup however still no response to the buttons.

Anything I might have missed in the setup or in my idea of how it should work?

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