#diy #skywatcher #250p Dobsonian Skywatcher 250p goto project #diy #skywatcher #250p

Arnaud V

Hello everybody,
i m new here with the project of convert my dobsonian skywatcher 250p to goto with onstep.I read almost all of the wiki but i m a bit lost with all of the board and stepper motor. my first idea was mks board l 2.1 +TMC 2209 + wemod d1 mini pro but no idea for motor (i see everywhere nema 17) because i m total noob with motor and gear ratio. my second idea was esp32 + cnc to have wifi & bluetooth direclty on the main board.can anyone help me for a choie :D.and an another question is must i have a shc to move the scope or can i handly move the scope when all is not powered?
thank you in advance

nb : capable skill -->soldering,arduino,3d print

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