SmartWebServer Ethernet to Wireless Router configured as an Access point....

Martin Bonfiore

Do to the specifics of my scope setup, it would be useful to connect my Onstep via wired Ethernet to a wireless router confiugred as an Access Point. 

I have loaded SmartWebServer (SWS) onto a Teensy 3.2 and have talked to Onstep by means of a wired Ethernet connection between my laptop and the SWS.  I can see and talk to the Onstep Web server in this configuration. 

I realize that I can get wireless connectivity to my Onstep using SWS talking to a wireless module directly, however I would like to go some distance on wired Ethernet before jumping to wireless, hopefully using a wireless router in Access Point mode for the wireless bridge.  

So far, I have successfully connected wirelessly to Access Point router as evidenced by the fact that I can see and change the administrative page on the router.  I have failed however to date, to "see" the Onstep SWS connected via ethernet cable to the router...can't see it or talk to it. 

Summary:...I can talk to SWS and see web page when directly connected via ethernet cable...I can't talk to SWS when trying to access SWS via an Access Point configured router which is connected via ethernet to the SWS/Onstep.

I have read (several times) the detailed discussion on the Ethernet and Wifi Onstep WIKI page however I don't have a good enough understanding of networking to fully understand.  I would appreciate if someone more knowledgeable than me could comment of whether what I am trying to do is possible.

Thanks in advance.

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