Re: Focuser for MaxEsp3

Dave Schwartz

On 2021-07-16 1:48 p.m., Seven Jones wrote:

Hi Guys,
I built a focuser for my telescope so I wanted to connect via RJ4 with the stepper.
see photo.

Can someone please answer some questions?
As a driver, I want to use DVR8825 for the Focuser. (FOC1)
Do I have to equip the pins under the drivers with jumper as at the CNC Shield to set the stepps?

Do I need to save in the config.h the focuser to ON something enable or adjust?
set FOCUSER1 to ON

That will be the minimum to enable focuser #1. You may need to adjust AXIS4_STEPS_PER_MICRON to match the step size to your telescope's depth of focus and then adjust AXIS4_SLEW_RATE_DESIRED and AXIS4_LIMIT_MIN_RATE to adjust the speed to your liking.

I put only this line on ON in the config.h?
#define ST4_HAND_CONTROL_FOCUSER      ON //    OFF, ON alternate to above: Focuser move [E]f1 [W]f2 [N]-     [S]+
That's only for the basic hand controller. See to read about what it does.


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