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Dave Schwartz

The MaxESP does not support SPI mode for the focuser1 or 2 drivers. You need to use drivers where the microstep mode is set using jumpers (which are underneath the driver as you asked before).

The ST4_HAND_CONTROL_FOCUSER setting is only for the basic hand controller. For the SHC, a double-press on the center button brings up the function key mode selection menu where you select 'Focus' and then when at the normal status display screen the function keys will move the focuser in and out.

On July 17, 2021 3:02:12 p.m. EDT, Seven Jones <sofacity@...> wrote:
On Fri, Jul 16, 2021 at 02:17 PM, Dave Schwartz wrote:
The current ASCOM driver from Howard's site is a unified driver allowing concurrent connections for both mount and focuser control.

I had already installed that. thanks

Can I use a TMC2130 for the Focuser. Are the settings for the Focuser here then so ok?
#define FOCUSER1                       ON //    OFF, ON to enable this focuser.                                               Option
#define AXIS4_STEPS_PER_MICRON        0.5 //    0.5, n. Steps per micrometer. Figure this out by testing or other means.      Adjust
#define AXIS4_SLEW_RATE_DESIRED       500 //    500, n, Where n=200..5000 (um/s.) Max microns/second. In DC mode, max pwr %   Adjust
#define AXIS4_DRIVER_MODEL        TMC2130 //    OFF, TMC2130, TMC5160. Leave OFF for all drivers models except these.         Option

#define AXIS4_DRIVER_MICROSTEPS       OFF //    OFF, n. Microstep mode when tracking.                   For TMC2130, TMC5160. Option
#define AXIS4_DRIVER_IHOLD            OFF //    OFF, n, (mA.) Current standstill. OFF uses IRUN/2.0.                  "       Option
#define AXIS4_DRIVER_IRUN             OFF //    OFF, n, (mA.) Current tracking, appropriate for stepper/driver/etc.   "       Option
#define AXIS4_DRIVER_POWER_DOWN       OFF //    OFF, ON Powers off the motor at stand-still.                                  Option
#define AXIS4_DRIVER_REVERSE          OFF //    OFF, ON Reverses movement direction, or reverse wiring instead to correct.    Option
#define AXIS4_DRIVER_DC_MODE          OFF //    OFF, DRV8825 for pwm dc motor control on stepper driver outputs.              Option

What about these settings here?
#define AXIS4_DRIVER_IHOLD         
#define AXIS4_DRIVER_IRUN          
#define AXIS4_DRIVER_REVERSE       

How can I use the SHC for the FOCUS. Does the focus stepper have to be connected to the handcontroller then and activate these line here?
#define ST4_HAND_CONTROL_FOCUSER      OFF //    OFF, ON alternate to above: Focuser move [E]f1 [W]f2 [N]-     [S]+            Option

sorry...because of the many questions :)

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