Re: Focuser for MaxEsp3

Seven Jones

On Tue, Jul 20, 2021 at 07:17 AM, George Cushing wrote:
Remember that if you use the #define AXIS4_DRIVER_POWER_DOWN       ON option the motor is getting continuous power. 

"#define axis4_driver_power_down" is OFF.

I exchanged the engine against a NEMA17 with 60mm. And so far it works well. Besides that 4 pin 4p4c cables is pretty hot. Href is 0,75V.

I also had the DRV at the beginning of the CNC. But there were always problems with the temperature of the motors or the driver.
Which alternatives do I have the choice of drivers for AXIS 3 and 4?

If I understood correctly, I can also use the 2130 there but do not set the steps via SPI or jumper to any value?


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