Re: Can't get less than 1" total RMS

Henk Aling

On Wed, Jul 21, 2021 at 06:12 PM, Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:

You can still set the guiding speed to 0.5X on 3.16.
From the Android app, press Guide/Focus.
From there, press the 3 dot menu, then select that speed.
Ahh.  I always use Guide/Focus for manual control by setting the rate to the maximum.  I must have jumped to conclusions as to what it is meant for.  The code actually maxes it to GuideRate1x so I guess that's why it all works.

Meanwhile I hard-coded it in my v4.24 Git branch, and it shows up as 0.5x so I'm good.  But thanks for noting that, next time it will be easier.

Note that whenever you (or any software) change the speed to 1X, that will stick and replace 0.5X.

I recommend that you use PHD2, because it will log guiding details for you, and you can use the phdlogview tool to see what is going on after the fact.
PHD2 is a pain to use with Ekos.  I have two imagers and one time it picked the wrong one, it took me a while to figure it out.  It does not know the Ekos device configurations.

Ekos also provides a log, it is simply an Excel spreadsheet which is just as easy for me at least.

I want to try PHD2 a bit more though but not on a regular basis unless I have to.

Finally, where do you live? Seeing is worse in some places than others (e.g. Great Lake area vs. Hawaii or New Mexico).
Just outside Santa Barbara, Bortle 5 or 6, and yes it had been a warm day. 

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