Re: Focuser for MaxEsp3

Mike Ahner

On Wed, Jul 21, 2021 at 02:57 PM, Seven Jones wrote:
Yes you are right. I have used a voice cable. thats why it getting so warm.
Unfortunately, I have already soldered the RJ10 sockets on the board. Therefore, only the 4P4C plugs fit on the board side.
Should I remove the RJ10 sockets or is there another solution?
Hi Seven, you can make a test cable using a CAT-5 punch-down connector Just cut a short piece of CAT-5  a few inches long and if you want, you can remove the grey outer insulation. Then strip a little off of 4 wires (2 pair) and temporarily solder those to the bottom of the board right on the RJ-10 socket connectors. Do the same at the motor wires using the same 2 pairs of wires. Then use a standard CAT-5 cable and see what happens.


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