Re: Can't get less than 1" total RMS

Henk Aling

On Thu, Jul 22, 2021 at 07:10 PM, Alexander Varakin wrote:
Can you share your guide graph for this session?
Not for this session but I will get a PHD2 log tonight.

Are you getting most of error on RA or on DEC?
This time about 50% more on RA but that was also because I did not counterweight much.  During my best run at 0.6" total RMS they were about equal.

Can you share your unprocessed stack? I can measure the PSF for you.
I will put an Autosave.tif on my cloud space and let you know.

One more question, I can't find good references for the TMC2130's Vref.  There was a calculator online that returned 1.27 V for my 0.9 Amps/phase (== Irms I think).  Howard said to turn it down to half that, which I did.  I would like to understand the effect on tracking accuracy.  I will experiment tonight.

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