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Dave Schwartz

Yes, the BME280_SPI will work in place of the BMP280_SPI... Just change the P to E in the parameter name and you'll be going to go.

On July 23, 2021 7:00:03 p.m. EDT, marclloveras@... wrote:
Thanks a lot, Dave, Khalid and Drew.
After reading the threads posted by Khalid I realised that my wiring was not ok, 
After adding the line suggested by Dave in the config file, it worked fine.
I assume that the same wiring will work for the BME, just changing the “define WEATHER” line. I will buy one and substitute the BMP.

This the final configuration with BMP280:

config.h _______________________________________________________________

#define LED_STATUS2                OFF

#define WEATHER                       BMP280_SPI

#define BMP280_CS_PIN           PC7  

Wiring _______________________________________________________________

* SCL to SD-SCK 

* SDO to SP1-MISO 


* CSB to PC7 

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