Re: Can't get less than 1" total RMS

Henk Aling

On Thu, Jul 22, 2021 at 07:10 PM, Alexander Varakin wrote:
Can you share your guide graph for this session?
Are you getting most of error on RA or on DEC?
Can you share your unprocessed stack? I can measure the PSF for you.
I have the guide log, debug log and Autosave.tif are at!At7g23ZLfniEogZzcmiOJVv7REFN!At7g23ZLfniEogdzcmiOJVv7REFN!At7g23ZLfniEogVzcmiOJVv7REFN

I tried to attach the logs but they show a cross so I think they failed.
The image of 14x60 subs is at | Photo and is at low res included below. 

There is a gradient, the neighbors still have the Christmas lights on outside.  
When you study the log, several things went wrong in the beginning.  DEC started to drift.  I loosened the clutches, still drift.  Later I found that a screw that had to be loose for the SLW was stuck.  After loosening it the SLW could work again and the rest was smooth.  Lots of bumps while I was doing that.  Eventually the clouds moved in.

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