Smart Web Server Working except for ....

Martin Bonfiore

First, thanks to Khalid and others for helping me get things running.  Specifically, I suspect my Onstep setup is different than most.

The wireless connection to Onstep via the Android app is though a wireless router attached to the Onstep via the Onstep
ethernet Smart web server (SWS) ...not through a Wemos module. I come in via 192.168.55:9999 on the Android app. I am running Onstep 5.10o and Android 2.57.  

I can get it to work reliably but it requires a work around to get the communications started that I was hoping to eliminate.  

Specifically,  when I first power up Onstep and the Android app, it shows "no connection" and after a relatively short time reports "ready waiting":.  If I leave it like this, it never appears to resolve and continues to report  ready waiting. 

I stumbled on a work around in the course of trying to troubleshoot the problem.

If I leave the Android App running in this no connection state but then launch a web browser on the Android tablet host, Onstep serves the web page version just fine. 

If I then go back to the Android app,  the connection has now been made (!!!) and the Android app works perfectly and continues to do so.  This seems to rule out any hardware or wiring problems.  Going to the web page seems for some reason to unstick the communications process????   I have poured over the messages on the Onstep board and the onstep documentation but I am at a loss to understand what is going on. 

I had wondered if the serial swap configuration in the config.h has anything to do with this but dismissed the possibility based on the comment in the config.h file for SWS that the swap is ignored for the Ethernet connection which is the  path in for me.  I also wonder whether is has something to do with the relationship between the default baud rate and the baud rate settings???  Also, i  found a reference to trying to increase a startup delay but have not gone down that path at this point.  

Any clues much appreciated.  TIA.

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