Re: Debugging Wifi add-on to CNCv3 #cnc #wifi

Howard Dutton

On Wed, Jul 28, 2021 at 12:03 AM, Mike wrote:
On power up the ESP32 takes 10 seconds or more. The ESP8266 takes 2 and then doesn't try again. 
I get it to connect by restarting the ESP8266 after the esp32 which means I need to add a  power button for the wifi or add a delay into the startup...
Also, while the ESP8266 wifi boots, it spits boot serial strings into the ESP32 which are rightly rejected before it attempts to get the onstep version string. However some of these are plainly corrupted. I'll get a dump later. I'm on the train. 
So its a bit hit and miss. Both are operating at 9600 baud. I'll up that later. 
Is onstep 5.1 for CNCv3 a problem ?
OnStep 5.x is abandoned.
OnStep release-4.24 has CNCv3 support.
Even in release-4.24 I generally recommend you skip its addons.  Soon I'll probably delete all addons from release-3.16 and release-4.24 since everyone should be using these...

All of the above being said I'm also aware of no issue that would prevent the WiFi addon from generally working in any of these branches.

Also, the Wiki here covers the recommended versions, configuration, and upload.  In the end if the SWS is being stubborn and not connecting (the WeMos D1 Mini blue LED just flashes) set all baud rates to 115200 on both sides and turn port swapping on or off as required (depending on what port you wired serial into) so there is no changing baud rates back and forth and no switching port locations on the WeMos.

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