Re: Focuser for MaxEsp3

Seven Jones

On Wed, Jul 28, 2021 at 08:28 AM, Howard Dutton wrote:
There are four pre-defined rates:

Currently (rates "2" and "4" are "slow" and "fast"):
1, 10, 100, 1000um/s

In X perhaps I will change to:
2, 25, 250, 2500um/s

The reason?  First, OnStepX is not exactly OnStep so I'm a bit more open to changes in settings/behaviors.  Also OnStepX has acceleration for focuser/rotator motion (which OnStep does not) so the likelihood of a motor stalling when asked to move a fairly high rate is less.  Acceleration also allows finer manual position control than is possible with OnStep at any given setting.
I do not think that's so bad. It only takes a little longer. I do not understand exactly what you mean. Have that found. In Command.ino

>if (command[1] >= '1' && command[1] <= '4') { int p[] = {1,10,100,1000}; foc->setMoveRate(p[command[1] - '1']); boolReply=false; } else
// :F+#       Move focuser in (toward objective)<

Was that a request to adapt this to these values?

<In X perhaps I will change to:
2, 25, 250, 2500um/s>
I still do not understand why the automatic "Goto Half Focus" is much faster than my fastest setting? "SLEW_RATE_DESIRED 5000"

What is OnStepX. a new OnStep version. I have never heard that?

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