Re: Focuser for MaxEsp3

Seven Jones

On Thu, Jul 29, 2021 at 08:37 AM, Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:
Do not try it yet. It is still under heavy development, meaning there are still bugs
in it and things may not work.
Okay. When it is ready. have you some screenshots from the user interface? Sorry. I do not want to waste your time. but I have to ask something else. :)

When I operate the focuser in the app. I have two buttons.
1. button up. = Focuser up
2. Key down = Focuser down.

I have wrapped the engine direction in the config so that the up and down keys to the direction of movement of the focuser fits? but the um count is to the other way around. Why is that so.

In the online "SWS" are also two buttons. Left and right.
From feeling I would see that so... that "button left" Focuser goes in. And "button right", Focuser goes out. But here it is the other way around.
When press "button left" in SWS, focuser goes out and um decreases. What i am doing wrong?

// see
#define FOCUSER1                        ON //    OFF, ON to enable this focuser.                                               Option
#define AXIS4_STEPS_PER_MICRON        1.0 //    0.5, n. Steps per micrometer. Figure this out by testing or other means.      Adjust
#define AXIS4_SLEW_RATE_DESIRED       5000 //    500, n, Where n=200..5000 (um/s.) Max microns/second. In DC mode, max pwr %   Adjust

#define AXIS4_DRIVER_MODEL            OFF //    OFF, TMC2130, TMC5160. Leave OFF for all drivers models except these.         Option
#define AXIS4_DRIVER_MICROSTEPS       OFF //    OFF, n. Microstep mode when tracking.                   For TMC2130, TMC5160. Option
#define AXIS4_DRIVER_IHOLD            OFF //    OFF, n, (mA.) Current standstill. OFF uses IRUN/2.0.                  "       Option
#define AXIS4_DRIVER_IRUN             OFF //    OFF, n, (mA.) Current tracking, appropriate for stepper/driver/etc.   "       Option
#define AXIS4_DRIVER_POWER_DOWN       ON  //    OFF, ON Powers off the motor at stand-still.                                  Option
#define AXIS4_DRIVER_REVERSE          ON //    OFF, ON Reverses movement direction, or reverse wiring instead to correct.    Option
#define AXIS4_DRIVER_DC_MODE          OFF //    OFF, DRV8825 for pwm dc motor control on stepper driver outputs.              Option

#define AXIS4_LIMIT_MIN_RATE           100 //     50, n. Where n=1..1000 (um/s.) Minimum microns/second. In DC mode, min pwr.  Adjust
#define AXIS4_LIMIT_MIN                 0 //      0, n. Where n=0..500 (millimeters.) Minimum allowed position.               Adjust
#define AXIS4_LIMIT_MAX                50 //     50, n. Where n=0..500 (millimeters.) Maximum allowed position.     

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