Re: Focuser for MaxEsp3

Seven Jones

On Mon, Aug 2, 2021 at 10:33 AM, Dave Schwartz wrote:
For Windows plate solving, I use Ansvr from Its a ready-made Windows installation built from the standard source.
I really have to learn that. :)

You probably didn't need to download all the data files - just the ones that correspond to the image scale of your telescope/camera. It works much faster if the images it is asked to solve are fairly close in scale to the data files so it doesn't have to try to find a solution among all the image scale file sets.
I had only downloaded the data for my Canon with 300mm lens. All data for all lenses would have filled my hard drive.
The plate solving software based on the implementation runs as a service on the PC and listens on a port for a request to solve an image. This interface is supported by many astro imaging platforms (SharpCap is the one I use). The imaging platform must also be connected to the mount, which I do through ASCOM and when I've got a short-exposure image (10 to 20 stars is all it really needs) close to the object I want to capture, I simply click one button and SharpCap sends the image to the plate solver along with hints about the image scale (it knows what telescope and camera I'm using) and also the approximate coordinates (read from the mount). The coordinate hint also makes solving faster because it doesn't have to search the whole sky.

After solving returns the coordinates of the image center, SharpCap then sends a 'sync' command to tell the mount controller that, rather then pointing at the coordinates you used for the GoTo, the telescope is actually pointing at the solved coordinates. When done as part of the alignment process, this information goes into developing the pointing model. When used outside of the alignment process, the sync still corrects the local pointing accuracy, but the 'sync' is then followed up by a GoTo to which aligns the desired coordinates and the solved coordinates so that the object is positioned centrally.
Wow I'm really impressed. But the orientation on the polar star is still necessary to do?

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