Re: Steppers

Robert Benward

Where do you stand with your project?  Do you have anything built?

Nema17 are 42mm square as measured on the face.  Do you have a stepper motor driver you can test with?  Stepper motors can be low voltage or high voltage, high resistance or low resistance winding.  They also may or may not be bipolar.  You can use a low voltage motor on a higher voltage driver (e.g. 5V on a 12V system) if you control the current flowing through the windings.  Voltage breakdown is not a issue at these low levels.  If you had the part numbers you could check the torque charts.

How many wires coming out of each motor?  Do you have a resistance measurement of one of the windings? 

The correct stepper motor can be had for $15, with a planetary gearbox for under $30.   Send a picture of what you have.


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