Re: 10 Inch GSO DOB planning phase questions #dob


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the detailed response. I can get all of that from ALIexpress, i'll copy. Do you ever get a gps to work with the Fysetc 2.0?

On Sat, Jul 31, 2021 at 02:20 AM, Dave Schwartz wrote:
Considering your 'futures' list, I would recommend the FYSETC S6 2.0 as
the controller board. Its plenty fast, has 3 additional driver spots for
rotator/focusers, has onboard MOSFETs and screw terminals for directly
connecting dew heaters plus you can connect a GPS, ESP32 module for
simultaneous WiFI/Bluetooth operation, a BME280_SPI for ambient weather
sensing and dew heater temperature sensors for automatic heater power
control. I've done all of the above with an S6 except for the rotator.

On 2021-07-30 1:04 a.m., Samuel.anderson123@... wrote:
Hi Guys,

I've started my Dob conversion using Prosperguy thingiverse printed
gears. I have to do some fusion3D mods for it to fit my scope, never
used it, bit of a learning curve.
Waiting for some stuff that's on order etc. In the mean time I was
just trying to work out microcontroller, drivers, motors etc.
Could someone please check my proposed design below and let me know
your thoughts. Scope is a 10 inch GSO dobsonian.

1. The big gears (both ALt and AZ) will be 420 teeth and g2T belt
driven to a 20T smaller gear giving 21 reduction. (Happy to change the
smaller gear, don't know how to redesign the larger one)
2. I propose to use Nema 17 (200step) with integrated 100:1 gear box
to yield a total reduction of 2100. (happy to change if there's a
better option)
3. S109 drivers (Happy to change)
4. Teensy 4.0 (600Mhz) - fasters better? (Happy to change)
5. Some sort of wifi card. (Whatever Works)

I'm happy to design and make my own custom Circuit board and power supply.

What I want to use it for:

Lucky Imaging with high resolution tracking, happy for slow slew
speeds if it gets me more accuracy.
If I can also be greedy and have fast slew times of 5 degrees per
second that would be cool too, but not necessary.

How I want to use it:

Link Iphone via wifi with the tracking app to update time/location.
Open Sky safari for goto commands

What I'd like the possibility of upgrading:

Adding rotator for the camera
Adding Blutooth for that joytick control
Adding GPS for auto Location/time updating.
Adding humidity/temp sensor to calculate dewpoint and switching
heaters on/off (just the switching command is fine i'll work out the
power side)

Apologies in advance if any of the above is completely stupid and
won't work for obvious reasons.


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