Re: 10 Inch GSO DOB planning phase questions #dob


Thanks, I might go for the TMC5160 don't seem to be too expensive and i'd rather overate the driver. I haven't looked into how onstep works with the motors/drivers yet.
Can you just set the microsteps in a config file. i.e 128X or 64X? And can you set it to differently for tracking and slewing?
Also you mentioned 40-50% current of the maximum, how is the current set? In this example the Nema 17 max current is 1.68A @ 2.8V effective resistant of 1.66Ohms.
In order to get 50% current (840mA) i would need to set the output voltage to 1.39V somewhere. Is this done in onstep?




On Sat, Jul 31, 2021 at 03:01 AM, <mdwsmith@...> wrote:
S109 are quite high current you may be able to get cheaper LV8729s, depending on the current draw of your motor - best practice is to use only 40-50% of the max motor current from wiki recommendations.

If you want a better compromise with goto's and accuracy TMC2130 (
must be SPI version) or the higher current TMC5160 - these offer mode switching from high microsteps for accuracy tracking to low microsteps for goto.  Trade off is higher cost - maybe twice as expensive.


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