Onstep total beginner question #EQ3 #bluepill


Hello all ,
as a total beginner in Onstep , and generally speaking in goto , i have certainly a stupid question :
Assuming my onstep conf is ok , north hemisphere, lat/long , utc offset , date&time correctly documented , mount tuned to the good angle and pointing the north ,home position set .
If i stand in front of the mount , counterweight just in front of me , and i push the right button on the SHC , should the RA axis turn clockwise or anticlokwise ?
Same question for the DEC , if i push the up button , should it turn clockwise or anticlokwise ?

This question may looks stup for lots of you , but on my side , doing a lot of tests during the day as the weather is really horrible , i'm often changing time to simulate a later one and match with stellarium and sometimes , pushing the same button on the controler launch the mount in one direction and sometimes in the other so i'm a bit lost . I've understood that for goto , it will calculate the "shortest" path to the target , according the current position so i can start on one side or opposite , but for manual operation , i don't really know .

Thanks in advance for reading me and answering my newbie question .

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