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You have four wire stepper motors.  You just need to identify which colors are paired with each other.

The simplest method which does not require any meter is to separate all the ends of the wires so none are touching each other.

1. Turn the motor shaft with your fingers, noting the amount of torque required.

2. Short any two wires together.

3. Repeat step one, if the torque is greater, the wires that are shorted are a winding pair.  If not, swap one of the wires that are shorted with another color and retest the torque.

You should now have identified a pair of wires that forms one of the motor's windings.  The other remaining two wires are for the other winding.

You now have enough info to attach this to a driver.  (Don't worry about +/- identification of the wires, as this will only affect the rotational direction of the stepper motor.)

If when your entire setup is connected you determine that when the stepper motor is asked to move the scope west, it actually moves it east, reverse one of the winding connections on the stepper, or modify the config file to reverse the rotation direction in software.

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I have a pretty decent multimeter. I just need to read how to measure the windings.

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