Re: OnStep driver issues

Dave Schwartz

If Windows 10 won't install the drivers automatically, maybe you need to get them from here

On 2021-08-05 3:36 p.m., wrote:

Hello, I bought a second hand Losmandy G11 with OnStep ESP32 goto kit already installed. However I cant get the OnStep to talk with ASCOM / SGP. I feel that Im really stuck so any help would be a great help.

Im running Windows 10 PC with Sequence Generator Pro and ASCOM Platform 6.5SP1. I have installed drivers from here: <> and I have tried latest Beta and all of the older versions avaiable at that page (1.50 and 2.0.6). The device itself is powered correctly with 12v power supply and I have tried multiple USB cables too with no success.

Im unsure what to do next, as Windows doesnt recognize the OnStep controller. In device manager it only shows up as CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Controller with a yellow ! mark. I have tried to run diagnostics too but Windows cant solve the problem on its own and only states that the device doesnt have any drivers.

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