Re: Wifi D1 on MKS Gen-L #mks #wmosd1


Just to verify...did you change the Config.h file to indicate the MKS Gen L. See code line below:

#define PINMAP                        MksGenL2 //    OFF, Choose from: MiniPCB, MiniPCB2, MaxPCB, MaxPCB2, STM32Blue,             <-Req'd
                                          //         Ramps14, MaxESP2, MaxESP3.  Check Constants.h for more info.
On my MKS, I have Serial A, B and C all set to 9600 baud.  See below

#define SERIAL_A_BAUD_DEFAULT        9600 //   9600, n. Where n=9600,19200,57600,115200 (common baud rates.)                  Infreq
#define SERIAL_B_BAUD_DEFAULT        9600 //   9600, n. See (src/HAL/) for your MCU Serial port # etc.                        Option
#define SERIAL_B_ESP_FLASHING         OFF //    OFF, ON Upload ESP8266 WiFi firmware through SERIAL_B with :ESPFLASH# cmd.    Option
#define SERIAL_C_BAUD_DEFAULT        9600  //    OFF, n, ON for ESP32 Bluetooth.                                               Option
#define SERIAL_C_BLUETOOTH_NAME  "OnStep" // "On..", Bluetooth device name for ESP32.                                         Option

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