Re: Weird issues with PHD2 (probably some speed issues) #S6


Sorry for replying to myself, i can't seem to find any edit button to update my post:

so far:

> booted up
> slewed with stellarium (using the ascom device hub and setting max slew speed in onstep to 0.5X (Vslow) from the webinterface, slewing is fine
> guiding is fine after this slew
> if i then go and touch any of the slew buttons in the device hub guiding gets messed up. Calibration has the result of moving 1.5 degrees again.

So it seems that touching those buttons will change some speeds in onstep. 
In the webinterface vslow is still selected.

> Slewing in this weird state with stellarium is fine and accurate, but it does not recover the speed to a state where i can calibrate in PHD2 (speed of slew in stellarium is same as before slewing from the hub btw).
> Changing the max slew speeds in the webinterface does not seem to help either. 
> Restarting PHD2 does also not help in this state
> Clicking Slew rate 1x Then  0.5X (more or less my default i also set it to remember that) AND Guidespeed 1x in Onstep interface recovers the issue and i can once more calibrate (Does not help to only click slew or guide rate). 
> After this slewing in stellarium is fine again and causes no issues in PHD2 until i slew from the hub again.

I also enabled the logs in the device hub, and slewing in stellarium i see no mention of guide speeds, slewing in the device hub itself with the buttons seems to call MoveAxis with a specified -1,00 degrees sec and i get a guiderate back. 

22:56:03.113: Telescope - Capabilities: Calling AxisRates( Primary )(done)
22:56:03.121: Telescope - Commands:     MoveAxis Primary at -1,004167 deg/sec:  (done)
22:56:03.290: Telescope - Commands:     MoveAxis Primary at 0 deg/sec:  (done)
22:56:03.908: Telescope - Statuses:     Get Altitude: 14,8725
22:56:03.909: Telescope - Statuses:     Get AtHome: False
22:56:03.911: Telescope - Statuses:     Get AtPark: False
22:56:03.913: Telescope - Statuses:     Get Azimuth: 179,333333333333
22:56:03.915: Telescope - Statuses:     Get Declination: -22,67374
22:56:03.916: Telescope - Statuses:     Get DeclinationRate: 0
22:56:03.917: Telescope - Statuses:     Get GuideRateDeclination: 0,00417791666666667
22:56:03.918: Telescope - Statuses:     Get GuideRateRightAscension: 0,00417791666666667
22:56:03.919: Telescope - Statuses:     Get IsPulseGuiding: False
22:56:03.921: Telescope - Statuses:     Get RightAscension: 18,8597569444444
22:56:03.922: Telescope - Statuses:     Get RightAscensionRate: 0
22:56:03.923: Telescope - Statuses:     Get SideOfPier: pierWest

So lesson one learned, don't slew using what appears to be guide buttons in the device hub. If anyone has a good alternative it would be welcome, the webinterface while nice to use for settings is not really a option since my laptops WIFI is connected to my house for remote desktop.  


This whole thing also happens with the manual control in nina. In nina this happens before touching the rates, and it happens after touching the rates. 
If i halve the rate the distance travelled by a pulse from PHD2 is halved as well (sort of confirming that this influences the guide speed, slew speed or both), until i go to the webinterface and reset both slew and guidespeed again, then PHD is fine again. 


This is kind of puzzeling to me or is it just the way i use it that does not match with what would be normal? What is the expected behaviour if slewing from software. 
Is there some way to see what guide and slew speeds onstep is set to in the background?

Onsteps ascom driver is set to Max goto rate 2.5 deg/sec, the webinterface  also shows 2.5deg/sec max slew rate when i set the slewspeed on VSlow (1x is 5 deg/sec). 
If i then leave guide speed on 1  i would expect this to also be 2.5deg/sec (or is the guidespeed always related to the 1x slew speed, in which case it would be 5 / ignoring the 0.5x set slew rate).  
If i then set the rate in nina to 2 (which weirdly is the maximum there, and even more weird, the ascom hub is max 1deg sec) guiding pulse is way off, if i use 1 it is still way off, i have to go somewhere to 0.01 as rate to get close, but at that point the slewing of the buttons is not useful anymore, and who knows what speed this actually sets in the background, i see no changes in slew or guide rate in any of Onsteps screens. 

Some other info:

Onsteps Ascom driver shows max goto rate 2.5 deg/sec (also its version 3.1)
Onstep is on Version 4.24e
All other software is latest version or even nightly in case of nina. 

This is really bothering me :) and i have the feeling something i do is wrong or i expect some behaviour that simply is not what it should be. I never ran into this issue with Neither my old LXD75 and my Bresser mounts motors so i guess its not to weird to slew this way either. 

My next step now is checking what happens if i set the max slew rate that i use (so 0.5x from 5 deg/sec = 2.5 deg/sec) as my 1x (so SLEW_RATE_BASE_DESIRED) in firmware. 

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