Re: Weird issues with PHD2 (probably some speed issues) #S6


One more update, sorry for spamming inboxes. 

I just flashed with my new desired slew rate set to 2.5, so i dont have to change to 0.5x every time. Result, no difference whatsoever :) 

Then i thought well lets ignore all the slewing with buttons over ASCOM and connected my ipad with Skysafari plus over LX200 protocol. Slewing from there has no impact so that is gonna be my solution for now i guess. I was also wondering if i made an ST4 controller or made the smart handcontroller, does it behave in the same way (as in it does not change speeds?) then i am going to solder some stuff tomorrow. 

So solutions to get guiding to work after slewing by hand (slewing to a target in software itself works fine):

1. after slewing by hand from Nina or Device hub > Open the Onstep web interface > Settings > Set max slew rate to what you use (in my case click on 1x while its already selected)  > go to Control > click on desired guide rate > guiding should work now

2. Don't use hand slewing over ASCOM all together
3. Use LX200 protocol in skysafari plus
4. Possibly ST4 Handcontroller (would be nice to have anyway)

I would still be curious if this really is normal or if i am not understanding what should happen with those NESW buttons in the software.If i find the time i will do a deep dive in the code. 

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