Help with config.h Driver Currents

Stephen J McIntyre

Can someone suggest some reasonable values for the driver currents in the config.h?
CGE Pro, 1.7A stepper, GR1 1:4, TMC5160, 24v power supply.

This is what i am guessing at for now (same for axis2)
   #define AXIS1_DRIVER_IHOLD            100 //    mA  (Recommended 100 - 1500mA)
   #define AXIS1_DRIVER_IRUN              200 //    mA  (Recommended 200 - 3000mA)
   #define AXIS1_DRIVER_IGOTO           800 //    mA  (Recommended 200 - 3000mA)

I am also a little confused by driver status. I am assuming that if i the above current values are defined, then onstep will operate the TMC5160 in SPI mode. Do i still need to set driver status to TMC_SPI?
  #define AXIS1_DRIVER_STATUS       TMC_SPI //    OFF, TMC_SPI, HIGH, or LOW.  Polling for driver status info/fault detection.

My configuration is:
  CGE Pro
  24v power supply
  TMC5160 drivers w/o heat sinks
     set at 32 micro steps
  Stepper ROB-10846
     Nema 17
     400 steps
     1.7A per coil (1.8ohms)
     Torque 48
     GR1 = 1:4 (15:60 teeth)

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