Wemos Mini D1 Pro not broadcasting SSID

Stephen J McIntyre

I have a wemos mini D1 pro with a minPCBv2. After uploading the Smart Web Server FW to the wemos min and then inserting it into the miniPCB2 onstep controller, i don't see the ONSTEP SSID being broadcast. 

The onstep controller is working. The hand controller (SMC) can spin the motors and i can connect the onstep controller to a planetarium app on the PC via the USB cable. 

The Smart Web Server compiles and uploads ok. After upload, and still connected to the USB, there isn't any new SSID visible on the wifi. When i plug the Wemos into the onstep miniPCB2 and powerup, the blue led flashes for a bit (2 short, 1 long) and then goes solid. The SHC shows connected. I then looked on the PC's network wifi panel, and no ONSTEP shows up. (I also used the ipad to check the wifi and still no ONSTEP ssid.) To be clear, i changed the SSID to "ONSTEP-ASTRO" and changed the default PW in the extended-config.h file. No other changes. 

In the Arduino IDE i have download the ESP8266 board manager. I have tried versions 2.4.2, 2.7.4 and accidentally tried v3.0.2. For board support i have tried LOLIN (WeMos) D1 R2 & mini as well as LOLIN (WeMos) D1 mini Pro. Various combinations of the above. All compile and upload and give the same behavior when plugged into the Onstep miniPCB2. I don't know the version of the Smart Web Service, but i downloaded it from the GitHub and the time stamp is 2021-07-19. 

I note that the Rx/Tx pins as labeled on the Wemos D1 mini pro match with the labels on the miniPCB2. (There were older posts for older versions of boards that suggested these might be reversed.)

Is there an alternate standalone fw app that i could download to the Wemos to verify that it is working - at least broadcasting an SSID. Otherwise, i don't know how to test it or discover an error. 

I also note in last year's posts some people had bad WeMos boards and simply replacing it solved the problems. 

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