New G11 OnStep Conversion

Lloyd Simons

I was finally able to get my OnStep converted G11 out under a clear sky for some testing. Of course there were a few hiccups, but I was able to get it to guide reasonably well. However, there was some obvious periodic error present in the guide graph (the last three runs in the attached log) and upon frequency analysis, the major spikes were related to the worm period (80', 120', and 240'). My conversion is similar to the one from Rockmover (see pic 1) with a 16t pulley on the stepper and 48t on the worm (3:1 GR). I have the older steel worms. I would like some help in figuring out how to eliminate this periodic error as those large spikes are going to cause some issues while imaging. I have purchased new bearings and Belleville washers for the worms but have not installed yet. The advice from the Losmandy group was to adjust the belt tension and the worm mesh. Any other comments would be appreciated.

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