Re: How do I confirm that RA tracks the sky properly and is not fast/slow? And how do I tune it?

Martin Chapman

If you you use SharpCap pro, (not free but very cheap), it has an excellent polar alignment feature built in that takes less than 20 minutes to achieve excellent PA.
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On Tue, Aug 24, 2021 at 4:07 AM Sam <sfac130@...> wrote:

Hi, I've built a MiniPCB v2 on a Vixen GP.

I have a rough polar alignment (Can't see Polaris) with a compass, some drilled holes in the ground, and latitude scale on the mount.
When I sync to a star, using a 114mm f/8 Newtonian with 20mm EP, I find that within 15 mins the star is out of view already.

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