How do i attach a 28BYJ-48 motor to the #fysetc #S6 to use it as focuser #fysetc #S6

Juan Sebastian

Hi guys,

Im building an ostep with a S6, DEC and RA are working with 400 steps motors and a couple of TMC2130 drivers, now i want to add a focuser and since i have an unused 28BYJ-48 motor (see video i was wondering if i can use it? 

Can any one help me guiding me to connect this?
This motor has 5 wires
It also comes with a ULN2003 controler

Do i connect the motor to the uln2003 controller and the orange pins to the motor pins in the s6? (do i need a driver? i have a couple of tmc2130 if needed)
Also do i have to connect the blue pins to the s6?? if yes were? any gnd and 5v avaliable?

BTW this is my current working build

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