OnStep Controller2 on Chromebook....

Martin Bonfiore

I bought a refurbed Chromebook Dell 3120 for about $75 with the naive thought that Chromebook meant Android compatibility.   Not really.  This particular Chromebook does not support Android apps natively.  So...it was off to try to figure out if there was a way to run Onstep controller on it.  After several dead ends (ARC Welder and trying to run VirtualBox with Genymotion after cleaning out ChromeOS and loading GalliumOS (A very nice piece of software that turns the Chromebook into a Linux Ubuntu-like machine)...never got the total package to run Genymotion.  Discovered what ultimately worked: GalliumOS Linux running Anbox...software to run Android apps on Linux.  It take a bunch of strange Linux incantations that I found at various websites...to get the right pieces in place but ultimately...it runs Onstep Controller2!  Was it worth it?  Probably not.  Bottom line, while it can be done, check more carefully that I did if you try to go the Chromebook route and expect to pay more for one that runs Andriod apps natively and avoid the sudo voodoo unless you like a good puzzle. 

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